Estate Planning

At McCabe Weston Accountants we have the knowledge to assist you with the development of your Estate Plan. Whilst we do not prepare Wills, we do have expertise in many areas that will optimise your Estate Plan.

Estate Planning can involve professionals from multiple areas. These include solicitors, accountants, financial planners, real estate agents, business valuers, etc. We are happy to work with your chosen professionals to get the best outcomes.

Some of the areas we can assist with are as follows:

  1. Reviewing estate assets to determine how assets will potentially pass on to your beneficiaries. Do assets automatically form part of your estate or will they bypass your Will and go to beneficiaries via other means?
  2. Will certain assets be taxable when passed to beneficiaries?
  3. Will certain beneficiaries receive more favourable tax treatment than others?
  4. Can the use of Testamentary Trusts improve things?
  5. Is there a tax effective way to distribute the proceeds of a life insurance policy to beneficiaries?
  6. Are there measures in place to deal with superannuation benefits within the Estate Plan?
  7. What options are available to deal with superannuation pensions?
  8. Are there things that can be done in life that will improve the outcome?

Please note that some of the above advice will need to be provided in conjunction with an appropriately qualified financial planner.

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