Entity Establishment

At McCabe Weston Accountants we can organise the establishment of the entities you need to best manage your financial affairs.  

Our service will most often have all required entity documentation to you within two working days.  We will also attend to all required ATO registrations for your new entity inclusive of our fee.  Prior to establishing your new entity you will have access to our professional team to guide you and ensure the entity is right for you.  From there we take care of everything from the entity's name to the appointment of various individuals to key positions.  Whether you need an entity to run your business or as an investment vehicle why not take advantage of our service to ensure you get it right.

The most common entity's we set up for clients are:

  1. Private Companies
  2. Discretionary Trusts (Family Trusts)
  3. Unit Trusts
  4. Self Managed Superannuation Funds 

Further to the establishment we can also attend to future amendments to entity documentation, if required in the future.  

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